General standard terms and conditions of CARCROUP IND.LTD. CH-8124 Maur / ZH


Offers and marketing material like catalogues, diskettes, CDs, pictures, leaflets and other documents are for information only and without responsibility. If nothing else is agreed upon, offers are valid for 3 weeks from the date of issue. The prices apply from the factory, excl. transportation, packing, postage, duty and insurance as well as any other handling costs. The offered delivery times or delivery dates are for information only and without responsibility and are to be seen as approximate values.


Orders are binding, whether they are made orally, by phone, letter, fax, email, internet or in any other way and can only be cancelled by a written cancellation within 5 days from the issue date or date of receipt if there is no issue date. If any products or other customer-specific components have been ordered, they cannot be taken back or cancelled. If this is still done for some reason, a compensation of 30% of the order volume is billed. If there is some damage for the seller, they have the right to claim compensation. If the order value is lower than CHF 50, there is a small quantity surcharge of CHF 10. NOTE: If the order value is lower than CHF 50, there is a small quantity surcharge of CHF 10.


The seller is not liable for any delivery delays or for any changes in the delivery date. If there is a delivery delay or a change of the delivery date, the purchaser has a right to get 80% of the order volume back, if the seller cannot deliver the goods after a written delivery reminder as well as an after-delivery term of 20 days. If the products were manufactured especially according to a customer’s desires, he does not have the right to give them back. Any complaints to the seller are to be handed in within 8 days after the delivery date in writing. Any damage of the packing or material are to be confirmed in writing by the freight company, post office etc. There is an extra charge for the delivery boy of CHF 15 within 20 km around Maur, and CHF 50 within 50 km around Maur and CHF 130 for the rest of Switzerland. All deliveries are carried out under reservation of proprietary rights. Please do not send us anything back without having talked to us first. Any return is given a CODE number which has to be marked in big letters on the parcel. The parcel will not be accepted without this number.


Goods which are picked up directly at the seller’s or which are sold at an exhibition or fair, are to be paid at receipt of the goods. For all other cases, the conditions on the bill are valid. Deliveries abroad can only be made if they are paid by PayPal, VISA or EUROCARD, advance payment or cash on delivery. Customer-specific orders are to be paid as follows: ½ when ordering, the rest 10 days net. Or 1/3 when ordering, 1/3 at order confirmation and the rest 10 days net. In special cases the seller has the right to wait for the full amount before delivery.


The seller passes the full warranty ex works on to the purchaser. The seller is not obliged to anything else and is not legally liable. If nothing else has been agreed in writing, the guarantee period is 90 days from the delivery date.


The seller has the right to change prices, leaflets, products and to make technical changes without any notification.

Maur, Nov. 2016